Permanent staff


Former Post-doc, visitors

Quentin Jacquemart
  • Post doc (march 2017 - dec 2019)
  • PrEstoCloud European Project
  • Topics: Network measurement, architecture, and security
Min Ju
  • Post doc (march 2018 - july 2019)
  • Topic: Video delivery optimisation in optical-wireless convergent access networks
  • PhD: Université d’Avignon
Carlos Colman Meixner
  • Post doc (oct 2016 - sep 2017)
  • Labex grant
  • Topic: Cloud Based Virtualized Optical Networks for 5G Access Network (C-RAN): planning for energy savings and user-level video quality
  • PhD: University of California at Davis
Hasti Ahlehagh-Pedersen
  • Visitor from UCSD (nov 2015 - jan 2016)
  • Topic: video streaming

PhD Students

Redha Alliche
  • Topic: Artificial Intelligence-based Cloud Network Control
  • Defense expected in 2023
  • Advisors: Ramon Aparicio-Pardo, Lucile Sassatelli
Ishani Sarkar
  • Topic: Data Mining and Optimization of multi-content distribution in hybrid P2PWeb networks
  • Defense expected in 2021
  • Advisors: Dino Lopez-Pacheco, Soufiane Rouibia (Easybroadcast), Guillaume Urvoy-Keller
Zhejiayu Ma
  • Topic: Machine On the Application of Machine Learning Techniques to WebRTC Live Streaming.
  • Defense expected in 2022
  • Advisors: Frédéric Giroire(CNRS/Coati),  Soufiane Rouibia (Easybroadcast), Guillaume Urvoy-Keller
Miguel Romero 
  • Topic: Streaming Virtual Reality: Learning for Attentional Models and Network Optimization
  • Advisors: Lucile Sassatelli, Frédéric Precioso and Ramon Aparicio-Pardo
  • Defense expected in 2020
Andrea Segalini
  • Topic: Third Generation Virtualization: Towards Applications’ Ubiquity
  • Defense expected in 2020
  • Advisors: Dino Lopez-Pacheco, Guillaume Urvoy-Keller
Alessio Pagliari
  • Topic: Joint Application and Network Optimization of Big Data Analytics
  • Defense expected in 2020
  • Advisors: Fabrice Huet (I3S/Scale), Guillaume Urvoy-Keller

Former PhD Students

Karyna Gogunska
  • Topic: Measurement as a Service
  • Defended on 18/12/2019
  • Advisors: Chadi Barakat, Guillaume Urvoy-Keller
Xiwen Jiang
  • Topic: Exploitation of channel reciprocity in massive MIMO systems
  • Defended on 04/10/2017
  • Advisors: Luc Deneire, Florian Kaltenberger (Eurecom)
Myriana Rifai
  • Topic: Next generation Software Defined Network Data centers
  • Defened on 25/09/2017
  • Advisors: Dino Lopez-Pacheco, Guillaume Urvoy-Keller
Nicolas Huin
  • Topic: Energy-Efficient Software Defined Networks
  • Defended on 28/09/2017
  • Advisors: Frédéric Giroire (INRIA/CNRS/Coati), Dino Lopez-Pacheco
Vitalii Poliakov
  • Topic: Towards Towards NFV-based Green Networks
  • Defended on 11/12/2018
  • Advisors: Lucile Sassatelli, Damien Suacez (INRIA/Diana)
Mohamed Bouzian (Orange Lab, Paris)
  • Topic: Game theory for modeling and optimization of the Quality of Experience of data services in mobile networks. Application to video streaming
  • Defense on 20/07/2017
Imane Mnie Filali (TMG Nantes)
  • Topic: Multi-content distribution in the Internet
  • Defended on 27/09/2016
  • Advisors: Guillaume Urvoy-Keller, Dino Lopez-Pacheco, Soufiane Rouibia (EasyBroadcast)
Riccardo Ravaioli
  • Topic: Active and Passive Inference of Network Neutrality
  • Defended on 13/07/2016
  • Advisor: Chadi Barakat (INRIA/Diana), Guillaume Urvoy-Keller
Neetya Shrestha
  • Topic: Inter-session Network Coding in Mobile Social DTNs
  • Advisor: Lucile Sassatelli
  • Defended on 29/04/2015
Boris Kouassi
  • Topic: Cooperation Strategies in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Advisor : Luc Deneire
  • Defended on 25/10/2013
Sonia Belhareth (Orange Lab, Sophia-Antipolis)
  • Topic: Joint Network and System Performance for Cloud Computing
  • Advisors: Guillaume Urvoy-Keller, Dino Lopez-Pacheco, Denis Collange (Orange Labs)
  • Defended on 18/12/2014
Miguel Angel Hisojo Zamudio
  • Topic: Multi-h CPM-OFDM for L2-orthogonal Space-Time Block codes, joint diversity techniques and equalization
  • Defended on 10/12/2014
  • Advisors: Luc Deneire, Jérôme Lebrun